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A General History of Chinese Family is the first book in the study of the history of Chinese families so far. It contains 5 volumes: the Pre-Qin Dynasty to Southern-Northern Period, the Sui, Tang & the Five Kingdoms Period, the Song, Liao, Jin and Yuan Period, the Ming & Qing Period, the Republic of China Period. This book focuses on certain facts about typical Chinese families: the scales, structures and social classes, the livelihood and daily life, the marriage and family life, the roles of the parents and the family ethics and family and social relationship.
    The Chief Editor: Zhang Guogang, history professor in Tsing Hua Universtiy, used to be Alexander von Humboldt fellow scholar in Germany, studied and taught for seven years in University of Hamburg, University of Bonn, University Trier and University of Cambridge. His major study field is Chinese Ancient History and he’s also endeavored in the History of Sino-western Cultural Relation and the History of Western Sinology. Some of his works are: The Study of Feudal Towns in the Tang Dynasty, The General History of China: the Sui, Tang and Song Dynasties, The Study of Sinology in Germany, The Crash of Sino-western Civilization, etc.